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It is impossible and plans to coordinate your own personal activities since there are so many feelings and time and resources. We will help navigate and fulfill your goals and ambitions as marriage and event planners. Personal events include certain moments that are cherished and which leave an unforgettable mark on our hearts. As India’s leading Event Management Companies in Chandigarh with a visible international presence, our emphasis is on engagement, innovation, and enthusiasm. With an eye to detail, we offer design and services unmatched by anyone else.

As a wedding planner, we provide you with expert advice to plan your own wedding. In the limits of a budget, we aim to build a marriage that represents your personality, style, and taste. For your wedding requirements, we give a one-stop-shop.

In India, we are also the leading Event Management Companies in Chandigarh. A big or small event requires the supervision and administration of qualified and skilled professionals. The organization of an event takes several facets, as it requires close attention to detail, perfect planning and contacts, and cost-efficiency with service providers. Many organizations do not have the money to take it off and event planning takes place here. If you are in business, society, education, or trade, our dedicated team of professionals must give their magic to every case.

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Event Companies in Chandigarh

Vineet Babbar

Founder & Director

Event Management Companies in Chandigarh

Saman Kumar

Co-Founder&Head-Production & Operations


Sunny Arora

Head - Events & Hospitality


Cheshta Saluja

Head Business Development

Event Companies in Chandigarh

Shaadi Grands Event Companies in Chandigarh was founded with the only intention of mixing the essence of merriment with the divine marriage celebrations in Chandigarh, adding colors of Jubilee and contentment to the ceremonies of weddings for more than two decades. It is the first company to introduce the idea of designer marriages both in India and around the world. It has a wide range of exclusive ties with floral and set designers of national and international renown.

It is the only company to hold state-of-the-art weddings in conjunction with international trends with in-house facilities. The brand is strongly active in the retail industry throughout the country, strengthening and unique in the football of Shaadi Grand Weddings. Shaadi Grand Weddings is Event Companies in Chandigarh designed to mark every wedding with the customers’ individuality, and our team works enthusiastically to fulfill their dreams.

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In euphoric weddings, you can get an unprecedented stance, which allows you to enjoy moments with many smiles. We aspire to build a marriage that represents personality, style, and taste in a budget. For your marriage needs, we give a one-stop-shop. To make each marriage an eternal dream! As a wedding planner in Himachal Pradesh, we would like to give you expert advice to prepare your wedding for your own challenging work.

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