Glen View Resort Kasauli

Kasauli provides panoramic views of the mountains, valleys, and planes of Shivalik. The destination surely will rejuvenate you with its pine-scented air, its dumb atmosphere, its snowcapped mountains, the overnight strokes, and the quiet, which breaks through pine trees only through the crisp breeze of the mountain. A quick drive through the Pine Forest from Kimughat Kasauli leads you to the Glen View Resort Kasauli. The resort lies vertically below the Manka points and has a magnificent view of the surrounding woods, mountains, and valleys, facing the popular Lawrence School, Sanawar. A 10-minute drive from the Glenview Resort is Kasauli Mall and Kasauli Club.

The minimum budget for hosting a wedding with about 100 guests for 2 nights in Kasauli – includes staying, F&B, decoration for all holidays. This knowledge is for couples interested in learning about the cost of their wedding planner in Kasauli.

Every wedding season gives way to the idea of a destination wedding in the summer. The choice of a perfect destination has now become a tiring activity with more couples adding destination weddings to their list. The second challenge is the wedding venue if you have now frozen your option on Destination.

‘Only if you do not have a budget limit are, however, enough options.’ Well, that’s just a saying, each pair has its own distinguishing choices and budget. Every couple’s popular thinking is like ‘Appropriate choice for a friendly budget in the pocket’!!

After knowing this and looking for an acceptable place to marry is a TASK*, oh! And this also needs both effort and expertise in a pocket-friendly budget. We, as professionals in the wedding industry, wanted to do a bit to help couples who plan to celebrate their next wedding celebration!

We automatically point to the mountain destinations of Glenview Resort in Kasauli when we speak of Summer Destino Weddings. Kasauli, India offers beautiful mountain destinations where you can prepare and enjoy an unforgettable lifetime.

Here we at Shaadi Grand wedding planner in Kasauli will identify an area where we have recently explored the venue for marriage in Kasauli (HP). At the foot of the Kasauli hills, our quest for marriage venues led us. This magnificent luxurious property lies about 4 hours drive from the national capital, Delhi, in a pollution-free setting with enormous luxury green lawns and beautiful views of the Kasauli and the Shimla mountain ranges. A newly refurbished star property on the NH21 A, spacious villa furniture with all modern amenities and 4* rated property facilities. Stylish and spacious, with views of Kasauli-Shimla hills, the best place to celebrate a holiday with relatives and friends in Kasauli.

Situated at 6,000 meters above sea level, in the charms of Himachal Pradesh, in the newly opened Himalayan Expressway, and at 75 km from Shimla, Kasauli is a lovely mountain resort just an hour drive from Chandigarh. Kasauli still preserves its ancient world charm and natural beauty and it has become one of Asia’s most charming mountain stations. It is an ideal getaway in all seasons from the busy urban life. It’s mild summers, fascinating monsoons, and sunny winters, occasionally snow falling. 

Glen View Resort Kasauli

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